Some persons will tell you, don’t use ‘towards’, instead use ‘toward’. What’s the difference? Does it make a difference which word you use? Derived from the 9th century Old English ‘to-weard’; ‘weard’ being a suffix that implies direction, it means ‘in the direction of’.

The difference does not lie in grammar, but in spelling preference since they both mean the same thing: ‘in the direction of’. Therefore, the meaning of the sentence does not change regardless of which word you use.

Though ‘toward’ is the older form of the word, the use of ‘towards’ became more popular in the 17th century and by the 19th century, ‘toward’ was adopted into American English.

Today, ‘towards’ is more commonly associated with British spelling and ‘toward’ with American spelling. Neither is wrong… just use to suit your preference or style.