NALIS’s Role in Becoming a Published Author in Trinidad & Tobago

For local writers of T&T, the National Library and Information System Authority (NALIS), is a source of not only expert advice, but also of essential services. NALIS provides one of the very first services you may need along your journey to becoming a published author: acquiring an ISBN. If you’re interested in publishing print books, […]

Novel Writing: Research

Research is an integral part of your novel writing process that does not have to be a tiresome, mentally-draining activity that you ‘simply must do’ in order to write your story. It can be a thrilling and quite educational experience as your mind absorbs a range of topics and a wealth of information on history, […]

Finding Inspiration

It’s crazy sometimes! … the source of inspiration that is. What inspires you? Some writers are inspired by pictures, nature, emotions, music (this song usually inspires me when I write poems) and even conversations may inspire. I remember when I was almost to completion in writing my debut novella, Sans Espoir, I got inspired to […]