Standpipe stories


Image Credit: Caribbean

D’ Standpipe


In Cazabon village

Water was more than ah commodity

De amount ah time

water did go,

it soon became ah luxury


So when de day come,

to d’ standpipe

de villagers would go.

Who come with pigtail bucket, sweet-drink bottle

or dey granny iron pot,

is at d’ standpipe dey was

and that was where… and when,

not just de water, but de ole talk

did start to flow


Yuh see, d’ standpipe

wasn’t just a pipe by de road

it was de center of de community,

is where everybody used to be,

de place where village stories

(and yuh business)

was told.


The Village Old Lady


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De whole village

did ‘fraid Ms. Marjorie

so when she go by de standpipe fuh water

de rest ah de village

was resigned to wait patiently


Dey used to say

in de night she did fly around

then come into yuh house

leaving she skin on de ground


When Joe wake up

with red mark all over him

and Lystra felt sure

dat whole night

some jumbie she was fighting,

Everybody would say

was Ms. Marjorie

Dey call she de village soucouyant.

Besides, who else it coulda be?


She was an old woman

who lived alone

with a big cotton tree

in de back ah she home.


Is there dey say

she would pray

to a bigger jumbie

and fly like ah ball ah fire

over people house

and across dey wire

looking to suck somebody


And when she dead

everybody had dey two cents

to say

that she was counting rice

fuh de whole night

and dey ketch she

de first light ah day


Dat somebody throw salt

on she skin

and it burn she like hell

when she did step back in


Though, now years later

looking back

on all that ‘dem say dey say‘ stories,

Ms. Marjorie was never

what de village

claimed her to be

(people did like to run dey mouth)

she was not no soucouyant

… just another lonely

sadly misunderstood

old lady