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Editorial Assessment

Before a manuscript is ready to begin the publishing process, it is advisable to have your work undergo an editorial assessment.


We provide custom research & fact- checking for writers and self-published authors.


Why hire a professional editor? First of all, it would mean having a fresh pair of eyes to review your manuscript.

Book Publishing

Are you ready to publish your manuscript? We will work along with you to get your book on the market, all at an affordable price!

I had some brilliant service from Idle Sky Books and Publishing Services.
They edited my book in a timely fashion and to a high standard. We worked together on the cover for my book and they fixed my errors (spelling, punctuation) that plagued it. I am really pleased with the service!

— John Decarteret, Author of Travis

As a first time author with little or no experience in how to get my book published, Idle Sky Books & Publishing Services made my dreams a reality, assisting me with all that was needed in publishing my first book. There is a lot of work involved in making someone’s dream come true and I’m glad I chose Idle Sky Books & Publishing Services and very pleased that they chose me to be one of their authors. They provided me with the information and assistance along the way and for this I am truly grateful. Thank you!

— Ayanna Boland, Author of The Adventures of Paulina the Tiny Fairy