Idle Sky Books & Publishing Services is a Caribbean based company run by Sherell Bernard, a former educator and writer with experience in media, journalism and publishing. Our company also operates online as well, on an international level. As a bookseller, we hope to bring to readers a vast range of books, giving them a world of stories to escape to. As publishers, we are geared towards, not only publishing books, but also connecting readers and authors.

Apart from bookselling at our store, located in Trinidad, W.I., we offer a range of services, including: Editing, Book Cover Designs, Proof Reading, Kindle and Print Publishing as well as media releases, research and typing services.

For writers/ authors who want their work published, there is NO COSTattached. Royalties are allocated, 65/35, the greater percent earned by the author.

Also, if you are an author who wants to self publish and retain sole publishing rights, but would like to hire one of services, visit our ‘Services’ page.

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