Juli-Anne Russo is a New Jersey based food entrepreneur and scientist. Originally from Kingston, Jamaica, she met her husband who was born in Rome, while they were pursuing graduate studies in Florida. In 2006 they were married in Rome Italy. Since then, travelling between Jamaica, and Italy she has learned to combine the flavors of the places she calls home. She was recently featured on the podcast Cookbook Love) and was a judge for the International association of culinary professionals (IACP) 2020 cook book awards culinary travel section.

Juli-Anne has a master’s degree in nutrition and a PhD in aquatic animal and fisheries from the University of Florida and food Science certificates from Rutgers University and Montclair State University. Having worked in product development for many years, she develops formulas, recipes and menus for both pets and human food companies.

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From Jamaica to Italy, is a collection of stories and 50 Italian and Jamaican inspired recipes that tells the story of a Jamaican woman who travels to Italy with her Italian born husband and young son. Through food and cooking with family and friends, the author discovers the cultural similarities between Jamaica and Italy and in so doing rediscovers the Jamaican uniqueness she lost when trying to assimilate while living in the United States. Her travels to Italy feature history and lush photography taken around unknown parts of Italy in the Lazio region and in the kitchens of friends and family in Rome.

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