Sherell Bernard is a fiction copy-editor, writer and book lover who helps indie authors along their publishing journey.

Whether you’re a panster or planner, a manuscript style sheet will keep you organized and consistent as you write!

What’s a Manuscript Style Sheet? It’s a miniature style guide tailored to an author’s personal style or conventions. Style sheets display the choices an author has made with regards to grammar, spelling, POVs etc.

Advantages of using a style sheet?

  • Tracks spelling & style choices specific to your manuscript
  • Keeps facts straight
  • Saves time
  • Prevents accidental inconsistencies
  • Keeps you organized
  • Records preferences
  • Tracks details across a series
  • Can be added to and adjusted as needed

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“It can be a lonely process being an indie writer and it is rare to find anyone who wants to share in the celebrations of your successes or to help you make those crucial steps forward in building networks and sales and profile. Sherell has done all this for me with kindness and good humour, professionalism and clarity throughout. I am extremely grateful for her support and friendship.”- Melissa Kay, Author of Hide & Seek Hippo and Sam’s Shadow Braves the Night