Reviews are important. By leaving a review, not only do you provide the author with positive feedback or constructive criticism, but you also provide other readers with insight to the book. Indie authors love when a reader leaves a review! If you’ve read a book and like it, why not share your thoughts about it on Amazon, Goodreads or social media? Reading a book takes you on a journey; you can thank the author by writing a review. Below are reviews of books I’ve read. This page will be updated weekly so keep visiting.


Behind the Glass had been on my kindle for some time. Then one stormy night, I decided to read it and… oh my!! I couldn’t put it down! Kristen Morgen has penned a story so beautiful, so emotional, with characters that makes the reader fall in love over and over again. I also loved the varied settings she places the reader in throughout the novel, that easily captures and holds the imagination.

If you love romance and wish to escape for a while and fall in love, Behind the Glass is a must read.

Grey Areas

I was swept into this book from the very first pages. Drawn to the picture that the author painted of small town life and the people who lived there.

But as I was led through this quiet town of Gable, and met with the characters and followed the stranger, Henry Fields, in his activities as he was settling into his first week in Gable, goosebumps remained poised on my flesh for the unfolding of a mysterious drama that was lurking in the background, threatening to rear its unknowable, enigmatic plot and pull me in further.

And just at that ‘edge-of-my seat’ point, a startling realization occurred to me, a profound truth, a savage need: I MUST PURCHASE BOOK 2!!!!!!

The Invisible Hand

Such an original and intriguing read that can stimulate a love for Shakespeare in the minds and hearts of young ones… and even adults. 

The characters and setting of Macbeth can be well resonated through this story and readers have the added enjoyment of a thrilling adventure whilst learning characteristic scenes from Shakespeare’s Macbeth.

This book will do well for young ones in grasping an understanding and appreciation for Shakespeare. 

I enjoyed reading The Invisible Hand and look forward to reading other books in Mr. Hartley’s Shakespeare’s Moon series

Her Second Beginning

Readers are always in for an emotional ride in M.J. Perry’s books and this story in particular really tugs at the heart as it relates the fluctuating emotions that come with love… the second time around.

You’re gonna laugh, you’re gonna cry… you’re gonna fall in love!

Singular has an intensely moving plot that engages the reader from the very first pages with the action accelerating as the pages turn.

A thrilling tale of cinematic quality that will leave readers eagerly anticipating the next installment of the Singular series

Regret Nothing is not my usual reading genre yet I have to admit it is, without a doubt, one of the most intriguing, exciting and even romantic stories I have read.

Carlisle puts the reader at the advantage of being on the flip side of a criminal story. The characters of this story- criminal elements, persons the world would deem as monsters, were penned by Carlisle as real life persons who have dreams and ambitions and human traits… like the ability to love, cry, hurt, laugh and just be human.

Carlisle carefully built his characters to the point where the reader feels a personal attachment to Alex, Leslie, Marcus and Twitch. There is one point where the book just pulls you in and at that point it is very difficult to stop. There was a driven desire to read on and see how the drama would unfold and yet at the same time, I didn’t want the story to end.

I laughed, I cried, I fell in love and I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed Regret Nothing. It is one of those books that you will want to read again.

Pieces like Pottery

Reading these fictional stories felt as if I were taking a journey through the emotions of each character… so expertly vivid were the author’s sketches of their lives, thoughts, feelings and their emotional walk through life’s often tumultuous path.

The characters were very real with real problems and situations that are commonly faced by persons today. And so, it is easy for readers to involve themselves in the character’s lives and relate to their disenchantment. And as sorrowful and tragic as some of the events in the stories are, the author leaves us with a feeling of hope.

I sat for a long while after that final page as I reflected on the clear and profound wisdom and truths expressed in each story.

Great work by the author!