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Designers & Illustrators

Airat Nurgaleev is an illustrator with more than 3 years experience in designing, possessing strong illustration and communication skills and has worked with various clients internationally.

• Adobe Illustrator;
• Adobe Photoshop;
• Corel Painter;

• Illustrations for T-Shirts;
• Illustrations for a Children’s Books;
• Illustrations for Websites and Blogs;
• Painting, Watercolor Art, Hand Drawings;
• Webpage Design.

Connect with Airat Nurgaleev

Maja is a skilled graphic designer, masterful in her creation of unique and inspirational designs.  Having finished graphic design school, she then undertook her Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology and Software, becoming an accomplished user of Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.  She is fluent in English, yet feels she consistently connects with humanity beyond words, with her compelling imagery and designs – “skilled in the art of creativity and alchemy,” she says.


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