Sherell Bernard

I’m a writer and editor. I’m also a book-collector, book-nerd, grammar-nerd and coffee-lover. I have been working with indie writers/authors since 2016 and I have a background in Accounting and 10+ years in Education. I love the English language and enjoy learning the etymology of words. I wish to use my knowledge, and my passion for English to help indie writers understand how to use words appropriately in fiction writing so that they will be able to create stories that are not only entertaining, but also well-edited.

Writer/Author Coaching

Writing and publishing a book is a journey and an investment. If you’re new to the writing industry and wish to self-publish, you may be concerned about the cost as well as the time.

Before embarking on any project, you will need to ‘count the cost’. When it comes to novel writing and publishing, counting the cost means more than money- it’s your time, your energy. For some of us, it may also be sleepless nights, dawn hours and burnt dinners. Though, in the end, you will be happy that you made the necessary sacrifices and not only complete your manuscript, but have your story out there to a world of readers!

I am here to walk with you along that journey. We’ll chat, have coffee(or tea… for some of you strange-non-coffee-drinking writers) and set goals, keep deadlines and most of all, focus on writing. Also included:

  • developing story content
  • guide on self-editing
  • finding the best platforms to market your book
  • setting up author profiles and pages
  • creating book ads
  • obtain Arc reviews

1.5 hour /Weekly sessions $150