Where can indie authors access FREE book reviews? Read on!

  1. Book Review Sites

There are sites where you can submit your book in exchange for an honest review, or they will advertise your book/ARC to a community of readers and book reviewer for free.

Below are a sites offering this type of service:

  • Booksprout

If you’re looking for ARC reviewers, Booksprout is a great place to checkout. Whilst they do have paid plans, their free plan can help you get up to 20 ARC reviews which will go live with your book. The free plan also blocks ‘All Known Pirates’ from downloading your book ARC. Downside? Though the free plan blocks ‘All Known Pirates’ it can mean that new pirates may not be readily identified.

The first time I used Booksprout, I was able to get 5 reviews on Amazon & Goodreads from genuine readers that went live with my book. And thereafter, more reviews kept coming in the weeks following publication.

If you think Booksprout is something you wish to try, click here.

  • BookLife

BookLife was created by Publishers Weekly and aims at providing indie authors with ‘how-to’ articles, writing contests, and of course, free book reviews. Indie authors can submit their books for a review consideration by Publishers Weekly. This is free and you may choose to submit a physical or digital copy. Downside? Because they offer ‘review considerations’ your book is not guaranteed to be reviewed. If you’d like to check out BookLife, click here.

2. Book Bloggers & Bookstagrammers

Book bloggers and Bookstagrammers can help you reach a wider reading audience. They will read your book, review it and share it with their reader following. Most do this for free, and all that is needed on your part, is to send them a copy of your book!

If you’re looking for reputable book bloggers, click here.

3. The Writing Community

Writers are readers too! And within the online writing community, you will find other writers who become your cheerleaders. Those you engage with, will read and review your book, even beta-read! Some of your very first reviews will be from your writer buddies!

4. Goodreads Authors/Readers Group

This is an active group where you can connect with readers, ARC reviewers, critique partners and beta-readers. It is divided by genre, making it easy to find your target readers. Best of all, it’s free! And there are many other benefits that comes from being a part of this group. Check it out here.

I’m Sherell Bernard… writer, editor here at Idle Sky. I’m also a book-collector, book-nerd, grammar-nerd and coffee-lover. I have been working with indie writers/authors since 2016 and I have a background in Accounting and 10+ years in Education. I love the English language and the etymology of words. I wish to use my knowledge, and my passion for English to help indie writers understand how to use words appropriately in fiction writing so that they will be able to create stories that are not only entertaining, but also well-edited.

I live on the twin-island of Trinidad and Tobago with my husband and our three teenage daughters. Our family loves animals! We have a dog, a tortoise and three cats.

I look forward to meeting new authors and readers!

“I really enjoy working with Sherell. She understands my background as a Jamaican writer living overseas and has helped me to embrace my Caribbean background. Rather than change my ideas to suit a general American audience, she helps me to find and retain my own voice.”- Juli-Anne Royes Russo, Writer