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Featured publication: Sans Espoir by Kimelene Carr



Keith Khan Books Etc. Ltd., Port of Spain, Trinidad

Sans Espoir

Caribbean Beat’s review of Sans Espoir: 

Trinidadian Kimelene Carr ushers her reader into the vibrant, titillating unpredictability of life in sweet, sweet T&T. Sans Espoir explores intersecting vignettes of machismo, sexual obsession, religious fervour, and the tempestuous madness stirring at the root of so much human behaviour. Racing through plot developments with the breakneck speed of an illegal drag race, Carr’s novella aims for high emotional stakes, combining intrigue, tabanca, and enough commess to sustain a Caribbean soap opera. Simmering beneath the predictable plotlines of this tragicomic tale are an unspoken discontent with the failures of public office, and resignation to the status quo: both potent lived realities of everyday Trinbagonians. As the six principal characters of this slender drama converge at the fictitious Hope Street Hospital, their movements mirror the sojourns of so many T&T citizens, hoping for some respite from criminality and injustice.

© MEP Publishers Bookshelf (May/June 2018) | Book reviews | Caribbean Beat Magazine caribbean-beat.com/issue-151/bookshelf-may-june-2018-book-reviews#

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