Thinking of publishing your stories on Kindle Vella?

First of all, what is Kindle Vella? It is a platform where authors can publish serialized stories in English and is currently available to US authors only.

Each story is released in short episodes, ranging from 500-6000 words.

The first three(3) episodes in the author’s series are available to readers for free. Thereafter, readers will need to acquire tokens to unlock future episodes.

The required number of tokens is dependent on the story-episode’s length: 1 token per 100 words. And authors receive 50% royalties on the tokens used by readers of the series.

Pros vs Cons


  • Kindle Vella is an easy-to use platform
  • An author’s stories can be available elsewhere(but not be accessed freely)
  • Authors can compile their episodes and publish as a book(the story-episodes must first be unpublished from Kindle Vella)


  • There is no commenting by readers. Reader interaction is limited to ‘likes’, ‘follows’ and ‘faves’.
  • Tokens will be made available through mobile channels that charge a fee which will be deducted from the author’s 50% royalties.

So, thinking of using Kindle Vella?

Be sure you are committed to providing consistent and regular installments for readers. Also, consider your genre and writing style. Is it suitable for episodic reading? Keep in mind that your readers’ initial hook into your story has to come in the first three episodes then they will know if it’s something they are willing to continue reading by paid tokens. So if your writing style is more expository or the story takes some time to get into, then it may be that Kindle Vella readers will be dissuaded from continuing.

It’s a new avenue on the writing market for authors to explore. Maybe it’s not your thing, or… it might just be for you! Share your thoughts in the comments.

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