Should you hire an editor?

Hiring an editor can be expensive. Prices vary, but on average, the cost of Developmental Editing may start at 0.17/word, Copy-editing may start at 0.15/word and Proofreading at 0.01/word.

It’s always advisable to get familiar with editing costs and those who provide this service before you are ready to edit. This way you can plan ahead within your budget.

Some editors will have a workable, flexible payment plan that may be suitable for you. So browse around, don’t be afraid to ask questions and get to know the reputable professionals in the writing community who can work along with you to edit your manuscript.

And whilst some indie authors choose not to hire an editor, you should know that this is risky. Maybe you are great with content and grammar and you have a team of beta-readers and critique partners. Though such persons are invaluable during your drafting and revising stages, it is important to hire a copy-editor and proofreader before publishing. Why?

  • Amazon’s Look Inside Feature: Amazon previews the first 10% of your book so readers can get a free sample of your story. If your book has even one grammar error in the first pages, readers are going to assume there will be more and this may persuade them not to buy your book.
  • Indie books are given a bad reputation because a number of writers have self-published without having their book professionally edited so some readers are skeptical about paying for a book that they think may have errors.
  • If your book has grammar or punctuation errors, readers may not buy/download any future releases you have even if it’s a free book promotion.

So think of hiring an editor as an investment in your craft. You have written a great story… now it’s time to get it polished and prepared for publication.

I’m Sherell Bernard… writer, editor here at Idle Sky. I’m also a book-collector, book-nerd, grammar-nerd and coffee-lover. I have been working with indie writers/authors since 2016 and I have a background in Accounting and 10+ years in Education. I love the English language and enjoy learning the etymology of words. I wish to use my knowledge, and my passion for English to help indie writers understand how to use words appropriately in fiction writing so that they will be able to create stories that are not only entertaining, but also well-edited.

I live on the twin-island of Trinidad and Tobago with my husband and our three teenaged daughters. Our family loves animals! We have a dog, a tortoise and three cats.

I look forward to meeting new authors and readers!

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