20% OFF Editing Services

For the months of September- December, Idle Sky will be offering discounted prices on ALL editing services!

One of the main goals of Idle Sky Books & Publishing Services is to support Indie Authors. We are currently living in difficult times due to the current global pandemic, but it doesn’t mean that writers should give up on the their dream of sharing their imagination with readers.

Editing is a major part of the writing process and I would love to make it a bit easier for those who are on their way to publishing their manuscript.

You can be sure you will receive quality service. I work one on one with every writer and continue to work long after the manuscript has been edited, providing extra feedback, assistance and consultancy… all at no additional fee.

Here are what some writers have said about the services they have received:

“Sherell has been an incredible support on my journey as an indie children’s author. We met a couple of years ago online when she was launching her regular Moonlight Monday’s author interviews blog feature and quickly formed a relationship due to her excellent communications and friendly approach to everything.

When my second book was published I decided to be brave and approach her again – her response was instant and so positive.
It can be a lonely process being an indie writer and it is rare to find anyone who wants to share in the celebrations of your successes or to help you make those crucial steps forward in building networks and sales and profile. Sherell has done all this for me with kindness and good humour, professionalism and clarity throughout. I am extremely grateful for her support and friendship.”- Melissa Kay/ Tanzania, East Africa, Author of Hide & Seek Hippo and Sam’s Shadow Braves the Night

As a first time author with little or no experience in how to get my book published, Idle Sky Books & Publishing Services made my dreams a reality, assisting me with all that was needed in publishing my first book. There is a lot of work involved in making someone’s dream come true and I’m glad I chose Idle Sky Books & Publishing Services and very pleased that they chose me to be one of their authors. They provided me with the information and assistance along the way and for this I am truly grateful. Thank you!- Ayanna Boland/ Trinidad W.I., Author of The Adventures of Paulina The Tiny Fairy

I had some brilliant service from Idle Sky Books and Publishing Services.
They edited my book in a timely fashion and to a high standard. We worked together on the cover for my book and they fixed my errors (spelling, punctuation) that plagued it. I am really pleased with the service- John Decarteret/ Newcastle Upon Tyne England, Author of Travis

This offer is available to the first four authors who respond and meet the following criteria:

Manuscript must be one of the following genres:

  • Contemporary Romance
  • Sweet Romance
  • Historical Romance
  • Small Town Romance
  • YA Romance
  • YA Fiction
  • Mystery
  • Cozy Mystery
  • Contemporary fiction
  • West Indian Fiction

Manuscript should be 100,000 words or less

Interested? Contact me, Sherell Bernard, via Email: idleskybps@gmail.com or WhatsApp: 1-868-493-7321

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