Dealing with rejection

Has your manuscript been rejected by literary agents once? twice? multiple times? You’re not alone as many writers face this challenge. Does it mean though that your manuscript is not worth publishing? No, not necessarily. It could mean that your work requires… more work.

But many agents out there do not want the hassle of a messy manuscript. They do not see, or in some cases refuse to see, the amazing story hidden. So what can you do?

You can take that brave step towards Self-Publishing. Like everything else, self-publishing has it’s pros and cons. Some persons will tell you that you can’t make a living as an indie author. However, there are writers, not the famous ones, but ordinary persons with ordinary lives who have been making money from their book sales, so much so that some of them even quit their job to write full-time.

If you’ve been through multiple rejections, don’t just give up on your dream of becoming a published author. Think of why you began writing in the first place. Perhaps you have a success story that will benefit others or you simply want to share your imagination with readers. Whatever your reason for drafting that first manuscript, the main point is, it is something you believed in and wanted to share. You can still do that!

Yes self-publishing requires money, but view your book as an investment… one that can turn out to be both financially and emotionally rewarding. You will have your book out there, to the world of readers!


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