Writers Supporting Writers

The world seems to have changed overnight and we find ourselves in very turbulent, distressing times. Amidst this global crisis, let all of us in the writing community look for ways to encourage and support each other in our careers. Of course, we all seek ways to help any one who may need it and in whatever capacity we may be able to do so. However, as part of Idle Sky’s initiative to connect authors and readers as well as supporting writers and authors, I want to reach out to members of the writing community and assist them with the goals they had set out at the beginning of 2020.

As a writer myself, I understand the struggles writers face and whilst some persons think my freebies and discounted prices could never be true, I genuinely want to help writers… whether it’s a free service or a ridiculously low cost service… I do not lower the quality of the service being offered or attach some ‘catch’ to it as we say. Writers who have worked with me before know that I put in my all into what I do, retaining a professional, high quality to services offered.

Here are a few of the services I am currently offering… either free or discounted:

  • Author Interviews that are shared here on Idle Sky’s website as well as on social media and newsletters. This service continues to be free.
  • For the months of March & April 2020, Editorial Assessments are being offered $0.01/word!
  • For the period April- June, eBook publishing is being offered for an unbelievable cost of $399! This includes editing, cover design, formatting, ARCs made available to readers and your eBook available for sale on Amazon. This applies to books 50 000 words, in the following genres:

Romance (Contemporary, Historical, Small town, Sweet Romance)

YA Fiction


Women’s Fiction

  • I also offer book reviews for indie authors. This is free.

What Can You Do To Help Other Writers?

-Review Swaps

-Share Book Promotions of other writers on your social media

– Support other writers by purchasing their books when on sale or during a free book promotion… don’t forget to leave a review when you’re done reading:)

-Offer free writing tips and advice… share with them what has worked for you in reaching your writing goals

So let’s reach out and be a pillar of support for fellow writers!


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