Focus Fridays… Writing Sprints

Last year, I joined a 30 minute writing sprint on Instagram. Did it make a difference? Very much so! For 30 minutes I was able to actually work on my WIP.

Writers are very busy individuals and it can be challenging at times to find time or even make the time to write. A spontaneous writing sprint can be just what you need. Why?

First of all, what’s a writing sprint? Simply put, it can be called a short burst of creative energy and writing time. The #WritingCommunity on Twitter and Instagram usually have a number of these and it has proven to be a source of motivation and renewed creativity.

Writing sprints allow your imagination to flow and the variation and spontaneity helps you balance structure and creativity. You also have the support of the other writers who are taking part so you get the needed encouragement to do what you love… write!

Have you ever tried a writing sprint? Did it help you to refuel and refocus your creative energy?


  1. M.J. Perry

    I love writing sprints.
    Sometimes I just can’t find the time to sit down and then pressure to write starts to make me feel bad. I can get a lot of words down in a fifteen minute sprint and I find I’m not thinking about what I could/should be doing because I know I can do them straight after.

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