Author, Producer and all-round Amazing Woman!

This month we are featuring Author Sweetly Samuel as she shares with us a bit about her career and her publication, The Recherche Pencil which is being made into a short film to be featured at the Zimbabwe Film Festival 2020!


Sweetly was born on 25th July 1978 in Mumbai. She is an avid reader and a passionate writer. She is a multitasker and juggles her time between being a homemaker and an author. She loves gardening and has a music-soaked soul. She has to herself an M.Phil in Biotechnology, Dual MBA in HR and IBM and M. Sc Life Sciences with B.Ed in Science and Math. She is a successful entrepreneur in the field of medical transcription - She loves kids and her rabbits. Her favourite book genres are Fantasy, Crime, Mystery, Thriller. Now she is venturing in Webseries & Short films. Her first short film that will be out in January 2020 will be based on her novel, -The Recherche Pencil. She has started her own Creative Content Creators ( 3C Creations) that will project different scripts to the topmost production houses in India and worldwide. She has started her own productions team: Sarah Mystique Productions where she can produce a short film or a webseries done with an affordable budget and with maximum reach to the people who are passionate to get it filmed. She has teamed up with NGOs to help children with dyslexia and ADHD and tutors them.

We have asked Author Sweetly Samuel what she hopes to accomplish through the theme of her book, The Recherche Pencil. Read her response below:

“I have known many kids who are left handed and are more creative than the right handed ones but somehow society has not accepted the “sinistral” or “southpaw” children. Another aspect is dyslexia and ADHD, for which many children are undergoing treatment because according to many, they are abnormal children. My book deals with a character like that but who, with a pencil gifted by her teacher, gets motivated enough to transform her life’s shades of grey to a kaleidoscopic hue. The pencil helps her to erase the labels of being ADHD and dyslexic and gives her a new identity after she becomes a doctor. Through this theme, I want such gifted children to get recognized and to live a normal, label-free life.”

What effect does Sweetly hope her book’s message will have on readers?

“I want to take readers on a journey with me. I want the readers to understand the child rather than to label them, to listen to the child rather than speak to them, to realise that Emotional Quotient is always far superior than Intelligent Quotient. I want the readers to understand that a housewife should not be treated as a slave of her duties and responsibilities. She should be recognized in her home and her aspirations and passions should be given a platform to project so that she does not have to lose her individuality and for a great multitasker like her who does the roles of a mother, teacher, cook, doctor, friend, counselor, wife, sister in law, daughter in law, I think this is not more to ask, isn’t it?”

You can connect with Author Sweetly Samuel by clicking on the links below:





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