Focus Fridays… Artwork

As writers, you spend so much time focusing on aspects of writing and your WIP, but how much time do you actually devote contemplating your cover art?

Sure, you or your publisher may higher an illustrator/ designer, but it’s your story and you will know what best represents the theme of your book.

Your book cover calls out to your readers long before the first line is read. What will your cover tell about the story inside?

Do you give carte blanche to your publisher/ designer? Or do you regularly communicate your ideas to them?

Whilst you may trust their expertise, it is important for authors/ writers to have an input.

Yes, you might not readily know what you want for your book’s artwork so employ some time thinking, imagining… focusing on your cover art.

Of course, you will not have the entire design in detail, but you can think about colours, fonts, forefront images, background etc., and convey this to your publisher.

Then of course, there are authors who choose to have total control over their artwork by doing it themselves!

Whichever way you decide, remember your cover art is also part of your story! Spend some time focusing on it.

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