Focus Fridays…juggling responsibilities

“It’s not about ‘having time’. It’s about making time.” – Unknown


For many of you writers, writing may not be your full time career. You probably have a regular job, some of you are advancing education, others have children or even aged parents to care for. So the question arises, how do you create a balance? How do you juggle your varied responsibilities and still focus on writing?

Whilst each person/ writer’s circumstances may require a different approach, one advice tip that can be a applied to all, is to establish a routine and at the same time, learn to be adaptable. Is that contradictory? Absolutely not! How so?

A good, regular routine is important. As a writer, you need to make the time rather than find the time to write. Pre- determine days and time that you wish to devote solely to writing. Schedule your writing routine according to your work, school and family responsibilities. However, because of unforeseen occurrences, adaptability is also needed. So whilst you may have a routine that works for you, be ready to adapt your time and circumstances. Being adaptable also enables growth as you learn new ways to develop and focus on your writing. 

Regardless of your responsibilities and circumstances, you can do what you love… you can not only focus, but complete your writing!


The Publishers,

Idle Sky Books & Publishing Services

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