Focus Friday’s… direction

“Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four hour days”- Zig Ziglar

How do you direct your actions toward a clear goal and produce desired results?

When it comes to your writing, regardless of which stage in the process you are currently in, … know your direction i.e., have a clear focus by defining your goal.

And whilst ‘mind wandering ‘ comes with the territory of being a writer, you still need to have that clear focus and utilize effectively, the time you set aside to write. This is important because there can be so many distractions!

So remember:

* maintain your focus

* use your available time effectively

* do not allow distractions to steer you away from your intended direction

… and you will accomplish much in your writing!


      1. Elani Roman

        Two crucial takeaways I got from the Focus Friday’s was know your direction and use my available time effectively. I feel many writers struggle with these two things, me included. What I’m doing to improve in this area is that I set personal deadlines. When I set deadlines for myself it pushes me to find the time I need to write. Also by setting personal deadlines, it helps me to keep my focus on being productive. This Focus Friday post was on point and gave really great information on how to achieve writing goals! Thank you for sharing.

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      2. Idle Sky

        Thank you for your insightful comment! Yes it is true that setting deadlines really gives you that extra push. That is how I was able to complete my last book. Knowing I had a deadline to meet motivated me to set aside the time needed and use it effectively


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