Moonlight Mondays(Interview #5)

ka cummings

K.A. Cummins is a math lover, techie, consumer of mass amounts of information, art enthusiast, homeschooler, and an indie author. She was awarded an Honorable Mention in the Writers of the Future contest for the 3rd Quarter of 2016, and she was runner-up in the Realm Makers Scholarship Contest hosted by Endless Press in January of 2018. Her debut novel, “Snow Globe Travelers: Samuel’s Legacy,” will be released in the spring of 2019.

1. What is your debut novel and what inspired its story?

Snow Globe Travelers: Samuel’s Legacy is my debut middle-grade science fiction novel. It’s about an Austrian girl of mixed heritage who’s transported to another world and must face a genetically-engineered warrior with an army of vicious hybrids.

The original title, Life in Snowglobia, was a prompt in a flash fiction challenge. It inspired the idea. I ended up writing the first two chapters as a result of that challenge.

2. Do you write one specific genre or are you a multi genre author?

In the beginning, I focused on science fiction for children and teens. However, I’ve started branching out through my short stories and flash fiction – experimenting with thrillers, suspense, and elements of gothic fiction.

3. Do you have any memorable quotations or ‘one-liners’ that you have written and love?

Yes, here’s one from my upcoming release, Snow Globe Travelers.

“But no war is ever finished so long as one soul has vengeance in their heart.”

4. Do you have a favourite character that you have penned to life and why is this your favourite character?

One of my favorites in my upcoming release is Toady, a fanged fungi. He’s lovably outlandish and a little silly.

5. Are there any close friends/ family who have proven to be a pillar of support to you in your writing?

There are so many supportive and encouraging people in writing community.

My family and friends have all been incredibly supportive. I’m also blessed to have a wonderful Realm Makers critique group and phenomenal editor.

6. What are you currently working on?

Preparing for my debut release and the activity book to go with it consumes most of my focus and energy, at the moment. However, I’ve managed to squeeze in writing a couple of flash fiction stories.

7. What has been your greatest challenge as an author thus far and how are you dealing/have dealt with it?

Each aspect of the multi-faceted author journey has it’s challenges. It’s a demanding path. In some ways, being a software engineer was easier. Perhaps, it’s because communicating and connecting, the core of being an author, are my greatest areas of personal weakness.

But, as I pursue this venture I love, constantly challenged, my abilities to communicate and connect grow.

8. How do you deal with criticism and how has it helped you as a writer?

I use what I can to grow, disregarding what isn’t useful. I try to emotionally separate myself from my work and look at things objectively. This approach has helped me improve my skills, strengthening my weaknesses.

9. How has social media helped in promoting and marketing your books?

While I do enjoy sharing good news and updates on social media, I try to stay focused on connecting with others. It’s why I write – to communicate and connect with others – and social media is a wonderful way to do that.

10. When writing your novel which aspect of the writing process do you find to be the most challenging?

Writing the emotional scenes. Suspense, silly moments, strange humor, even action scenes, are all easier for me than the tender moments between characters. I have to see and feel a scene, really immerse myself, to write it.

11. How do you measure success as a writer/ author?

For me, writing is about bridging connections to other people and crafting an experience that incorporates all the details from cover-to-cover and beyond. I’m continually working to improve in those directions, with God’s guidance.

12. What short term and/or long term goals have you set?

My goals center around the people who connect with my stories. I focus on engaging readers, continuously improving my skills, and writing more.

13. Do you have any upcoming book releases or events?

Yes. My debut middle-grade science fiction novel, Snow Globe Travelers: Samuel’s Legacy, will be releasing on April 30, 2019. After seven years of writing and rewriting, I’m ecstatic the story will embark on its own adventure as a published book.

14. What are your favourite book(s) and/or author(s)?

Edgar Allen Poe is my long-time favorite author. As you might have already guessed, my favorite book is The Complete Tales and Poems of Edgar Allen Poe.

There are a number of other books I have enjoyed reading. Everything from picture books, like Jory John’s The Bad Seed, and to adult steampunk, like the Ironfire Legacy series by Janeen Ippolito. Right now, I’m really looking forward to the final book in S.D. Grimm’s Children of the Blood Moon series.

15. What advice will you give to other Indie Authors or those who are thinking of writing and publishing?

There are many paths to choose from and a plethora of opinions await at every turn, but only God knows the direction you should take. Listen, learn, experiment, and pray.

You are you for a reason.

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