Moonlight Mondays (Interview #2)


Born in Seattle, Washington USA, Author Lenita Sheridan grew up in Fairbanks, Alaska and presently resides on Whidbey Island, USA.

Apart from writing, Lenita also has a passion for reading, needlecrafts and singing. Her favourite past time though, is walking her dog, a Japanese Spitz named Haley.

Currently, Lenita works as a substitute teacher for two school districts. She is also a devoted Christian and hopes that it shines through her writing.


1. What is your debut novel and what inspired its story?

My debut novel is Guardian of the Gauntlet, subtitled Discovery. The inspiration for this novel was a dream of a princess being kidnapped.

2. Do you write one specific genre or are you a multi genre author?

I started out as a science fiction writer, then moved to fantasy. Now I am working on a memoir. I suppose that makes me a multi-genre author.

3. Do you have any memorable quotations or ‘one-liners’ that you have written and love?

“Now go, or I’ll put ashes in your seed!” ( The wicked magician Mecandel speaking to Bogwina, an enchanted pigeon.)

4. Do you have a favourite character that you have penned to life and why is this your favourite character?

I like Mecandel because he’s funny as a bumbling poor excuse for a wicked magician .

5. Are there any close friends/ family who have proven to be a pillar of support to you in your writing?

My mother was before she passed. Also, a friend in choir spurred me on to write the sequel.

6. What are you currently working on? 

I am working on a memoir titled Goldstream Valley Girl which is about my life growing up in the seventies in the Goldstream Valley outside of  Fairbanks, Alaska.

7. What has been your greatest challenge as an author thus far and how are you dealing/have dealt with it?

Probably not being able to write because there wasn’t time when I was getting my mom’s house ready to sell. I just had to wait until the house sold, I took care of business, my life returned to a new normal and I started writing again. I did have some chance while I was substitute teaching to jot down a few ideas.

8. How do you deal with criticism and how has it helped you as a writer?

It’s easier if I get the criticism before my book is published. If I get it afterward there is not much I can do about it. The only thing I can do if the criticism comes afterward is not make the same mistake in the next book.

9. How has social media helped in promoting and marketing your books?

I’ve been getting likes on my Facebook page. I did at least one Giveaway using my Facebook page. I’m on Twitter as well. Neither have really helped all that much.

10. When writing your novel which aspect of the writing process do you find to be the most challenging?

I’m a plot person, but in fantasy writing description is important. A writer must show, not tell when describing. I have to remind myself of the importance and purpose of description.

11. How do you measure success as a writer/author?

I don’t believe the number of books you have sold is a measure of success. (I have found that print books sell better than ebooks.) If you’ve won an award that might be a good indicator. Also, good reviews are another good indicator.

12. What short term and/or long term goals have you set?

Short term is to publish some short nonfiction pieces in various publications. Long term is to complete my memoir. I expect to be working on it for awhile.

13. Do you have any upcoming book releases or events?


14. What are your favourite book(s) and/or author(s)?

I like C.S. Lewis and his Chronicles of Narnia. I am often told my books are like his. I’ve also read his space trilogy and Mere Christianity. I’d like to read more by him.

15. What advice will you give to other Indie Authors or those who are thinking of writing and publishing?

Get a good designer for the interior of your book. It’s every bit as important as the cover. Your book should look professional, not handmade.

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