Bookworms Discover Year End Extravaganza

To celebrate their first year of bringing great new reads by indie authors to readers worldwide, Bookworms Discover is ending the year with a 4 day book roundup event featuring 41 FREE and 99c books!

About Bookworms Discover

Bookworms Discover is a place where readers can download free books on the first Thursday of each month and discover new authors. There is no obligation for subscription and if a reader does subscribe, he/she will not be bombarded by an overwhelming number of emails. Emails are received only when a new post goes live which is once per month. If  readers choose not to subscribe and receive emails, but may still wish to get notifications, they can follow Bookworms Discover on Twitter    or on Facebook

What about authors? Authors are provided with a platform on which they can promote their books and gain exposure as well as build readership. If you’re an author and interested in submitting your work for Bookworms Discover 2019 free book promotions, read more here:

One of the books in Bookworms Discover’s book roundup event that would be offered at 99c, is Summer Moments, published by Idle Sky Books & Publishing Services.

So don’t forget! December 6th – 9th

41 Free & 99c Books!!!

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