NALIS’s Role in Becoming a Published Author in Trinidad & Tobago

For local writers of T&T, the National Library and Information System Authority (NALIS), is a source of not only expert advice, but also of essential services.

NALIS provides one of the very first services you may need along your journey to becoming a published author: acquiring an ISBN.

If you’re interested in publishing print books, then you will need an ISBN. Sure, if you’re using an online publishing platform such as KDP, you will have the option of obtaining a free KDP assigned ISBN, but if you wish to have sole publishing rights and control of your book’s printing and distribution, it would be wiser to purchase your own ISBN… and that’s where NALIS comes in! Click here to learn more about ISBNs:

As of March 1st 2002, NALIS became the designated ISBN Agency responsible for the administration of ISBNs in T&T.

Previously, T&T authors would obtain their ISBN by applying to the Caricom Secretariat in Guyana. So having NALIS responsible now for this service, makes it so much easier for writers and authors in T&T.

How do you obtain your ISBN from NALIS? You can download the application form for the purchase of ISBNs from their website: or you can visit the Technical Services Division at NALIS, Port of Spain and request a printed form. If you wish to know more , contact them: 
Telephone: (868) 624-4466, 623-6962, 627-8507 ext. 2018 or 

So you have your ISBN… still not sure how to go about getting your book published? The Heritage Library at NALIS will help you. The competent and willing service of the staff at the Heritage Library will set your mind at ease and equip you with the needed advice and/or information of available resources for local writers.

The Heritage Library also accepts and showcases a copy of your printed book after publication. They will also inform you of their First Time Author programme. This programme is a great start for all new authors in their writing and publishing journey. Read more about the programme here:

NALIS also offers book launches and will advise and assist you in putting together your own book launching.

So if you’re a writer and thinking of publishing, why not visit NALIS and benefit from the range of resources they have to offer.




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