Finding Inspiration

It’s crazy sometimes! … the source of inspiration that is. What inspires you? Some writers are inspired by pictures, nature, emotions, music (this song usually inspires me when I write poems) and even conversations may inspire.

I remember when I was almost to completion in writing my debut novella, Sans Espoir, I got inspired to introduce a new character to the story. It happened one day whilst travelling in a maxi-taxi and this guy starts telling me all about his job. He was actually a security guard, but by the time he was finished with an expounded narration of his job, I got the impression that he was really some sort of secret anti terrorist government agent/spy.

As a writer, ideas, scenarios and plot twists started forming in my mind as I listened to this security guard/secret agent/ Mr.-I-am-here-to-save-T & T and soon enough, my overly obnoxious and highly presumptuous character, Sheldon Francis, was created… tah-dah!

So seize moments that bellow inspiration… they can happen anytime, anywhere!

otis redding.jpg

Until next time,

Chasing cloudless chimes on sunset dunes!

The Publishers

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