Journal Writing Part 2

Part 2: Starting a Journal

Sure you have already decided to start a journal so it goes without saying that you want to write, but you also need to be willing to write. That willingness is what will motivate you to begin putting things in place to get your journal started.

j4 Designate a time and day(s).

Having a set time and day will help you prepare your thoughts in advance and create an eagerness to write as you look forward to your moment when you pen your inspirations. Scheduling will also develop your journal writing into a routine.

j3 Purchase your journal.

This can and maybe should be the first step. But now that you have made up your mind about keeping a journal and you’ve scheduled a time to write then, of course you will need to actually have your writing materials. For those of you who prefer to use your phone, tablet or computer, there are also digital journals. A good site to visit is Penzu.

j12 Your ‘writing room’

It has been said that you should find a place that is quiet and without distractions where you can be alone with your thoughts. Though some persons, myself included, prefer having ‘distractions’ when they write. I personally like to write outdoors with the sounds of my mini zoo of pets and other elements of nature’s orchestra, while I write. Or maybe you wish to have music playing in the background. A friend of mine likes having her favourite TV shows on, in the background when she writes. Regardless if you prefer a quiet place or a little ‘noise’, most important, your writing room should be a comfort zone for you. A place where you are able to channel your thoughts and let your ideas flow.

Some useful tips

  • j2 Themes

Having a theme for your journal can be a good idea so you will know what to write. Such as:

daily reflections

future plans



inspired short stories

… there are so many themes only limited by your imagination!

  • wp Writing prompts

Writing prompts are so much fun! If you’re not yet sure about a theme then you can use writing prompts to ignite your creative skills and allow your thoughts, emotions and ideas to flow. Find some writing prompts here.

  • be creative Be creative

Have fun in writing your journal! Add pictures, momentos… anything related to your journal entry… just stick it in!

  • j8 Relax.

Have a cup of coffee/tea. Reflect and ponder. Allow yourself the freedom of expression… just write!


Look out for more articles on a range of writing and book related topics.

Until then,

I’ll be shifting hibiscus moons that float behind dreaming eyes!

Kimelene Carr


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