Journal Writing

Part 1: Why Keep A Journal?

You don’t have to be a writer to want to pen thoughts or ideas into a journal. There are many beneficial reasons as to why you can and should keep a journal:

thoughts Gather your thoughts

  • Having a journal means having your thoughts collected in one place. The day goes by and situations occur, a lot of thoughts pass through our minds and we experience varying emotions. Penning these down will help you channel yourself and refocus for un autre jour.

decisions Make wise decisions

  • You get to analyze past decisions made. Reviewing journal entries can help improve on future decision making as you reflect on the reason for making what might have been a life changing decision that you earlier penned as well as reflect on the outcome. You can even add notes to those entries as you review for future reference.

introspection Introspection

  • Keep track of YOU. One great benefit of keeping a journal is that you get to read your own progress as an individual; see how your thoughts and personality develop overtime and reflect on the positives and negatives.

organization Organization

  • Don’t we all wish to be a tad more organized? Maintaining a journal requires being committed and structured as you pen your daily entries. This becomes a healthy practice that will help you to be more organized in other areas of life… work, education/school, family, finances etc.

creativity Enhance creativity

  • And of course, if you are a writer, keeping a journal will aid in building your creativity as you explore your thoughts and expand on them when making your daily recordings.


Want to start a journal and not sure how? Look out for Part 2 of Journal Writing which will give you step by step “do’s” in starting a journal as well as additional tips that will assist you along the way.

Until then,

I’ll be watching midnight suns illuminate Indie skies!

Kimelene Carr


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